Christina has announced, via social media, that her daughter’s name is Summer Rain Rutler. She was born August 16th. (x)

Christina Aguilera poses for V Magazine with finance Matt Rutler 


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Use #xtinaedit to tag your edits!

Hello fighters, I know it’s been a while since XtinaNews has been very active but it’s summer and we’re gonna try to be back as much as possible for you guys! And the first step is to unite this wonderful fandom under one tag to find edits to reblog. I’ve looked and I didn’t find much under this tag, but there were some edits. You don’t have to do this but when you post your lovely edits of the Queen, tag them with #xtinaedit so we can see and so can the whole fandom because the generic tag often has too much other stuff in it like spam or random posts. So if you would like, use #xtinaedit on your edits & gifs. [XtinaNews]

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